SONOS and multi room audio in Edinburgh

There is a very good reason people rave about SONOS, it truly is a brilliant system that just works and is so simple to use once setup. Atac Digital can put together a SONOS multi room system for you built around the award winning products from SONOS. From a simple Play 1 in the kitchen through to a home cinema setup using the Playbar, sub and Play 3’s at the rear, or perhaps a CONNECT:AMP to use with your favourite speakers – Atac Digital can advise on a setup that works around your needs. All SONOS products sound absolutely stunning, you will struggle to find any HiFI dealer with a bad word to say about their products.

The choice of music services and how we consume music these days can be overwhelming, there are so many choices available such as Spotify, Amazon music, Deezer, Apple Music, TIDAL, Mixcloud and of course your own digital music collection. Atac Digital can bring all these choices together for you and make playing music a breeze. You can create playlists which include songs from any of these services and more, music curation has never been so much fun. No more being stuck on what to play when guests are around, Atac Digital can show you how to create playlists that you will absolutely love.

If you have an Amazon Echo, it can be integrated into your setup to control your music from anywhere in the house. This can be especially useful if you are cooking and want to listen to the radio, no more having to wash your hands and push buttons. Simply say a command and have your radio station of choice or favourite song playing at your request.